About Us

About Us

The Vilage Panchayat of Wadi-Taaulaim is situated in the Ponda Taluka of Souith Goa District. It has a population of 3060, with 1535 males and 1525 female population. The Panchayat consists of 7 wards and has 07 elected representatives. (Male 04, Female 03). There are 3 households of SC and 214 household of STs.

The Panchayat has Two primary schools, with an enrolment of 13 students. There are 2 AWC with 13 children. It has one river, streams, waterfall, 8 worships. Here is one SHC centre. The distance between the SHC in the Panchayat. PHC distance 4 km, Block Office-4 km, Hospitals 7 Kms, Ambulance- 4 km. The major source of income for the Panchayat is house tax, fees, and grant-in-aid and other grants.

Gramp Panchayat Development Plan

The aim of the situation analysis was

  • To create awareness about the village level planning process with peoples involvement.
  • To understand the status of various sectors in the Village.
  • To collect data, identify problems and issues existing in the Village and eventually enable the Panchayat to prepare their Village “Panchayat Development Plan”.
  • To identify projects, proposals, works in various sectors of development as a part of the GPDP.

Schemes and programmes implemented by the Village Panchayat:

Sr. No Title of the Scheme Department Amount (Wherever possible)
4 ATAL ASRA YOJANA Tribal Welfare
5 UMMID Social Welfare